Alfie the School Dog

October 2019
We have renamed the grassy area at the front of the school ‘Alfie’s Garden’ as this is where he goes to play during the day. At lunchtime he sometimes plays ball with a few children, supervised by Ali. He is meeting more and more children every day and loves the attention. You will also sometimes see him on the gate, greeting you as you come to school. He is also doing very well at puppy classes. 
The Dog's Trust will come on the 17th October to deliver the assembly to the children about dog safety. 
September 3rd 2019
Alfie (12 weeks old) came to school today and was very good, sleeping well in his crate in the office and enjoying exploring the school and meeting staff. 
He starts his puppy training on Saturday but can already 'sit', go 'down' and sometimes he can 'wait'. 
We are arranging Dogs Trust workshops for all children very soon in school to teach them about dogs. 
Regular updates will be posted to let you all know how he is.