Alfie the School Dog

February 2020

Alfie is now 8 months old. He has had his first proper groom and emerged considerable smaller and thinner than he was before! His adult fur is very soft and curly. He has the loveliest temperament and is very gentle with the children. He loves to greet visitors. He even has his photo on the new staff board. 

He has really made himself at home in the office and loves to play with boxes, paper packaging and his toys. He walks to and from work and has a lunchtime walk too. He has some treats during the day – sometimes we hide them around the office and he has to find them! 

He has a daily timetable and happily goes off with supervised children to play in the garden at the front of school or to go for a walk or play. Children also sometimes come and visit him in the office as a treat or reward. He will also gradually start to do some classroom visits as long as the children remain calm. 

He has really had a positive impact since he has been with us and it is still early days.Children who are upset have felt better for having 5 minutes with him and the children he ‘works with’ are also happy and focused when having ‘Alfie time’. 

All children receive an ‘Alfie sticker’ after their time with him.

January 2020
Alfie has settled in really well and loves being in the Office. He has a timetable and children come to take him for short walks to see the chickens or to play in his garden. He has had a haircut and looks very smart. 
The Dogs Trust delivered workshops last term and will come in again in Summer to deliver workshops to each class. 
October 2019
We have renamed the grassy area at the front of the school ‘Alfie’s Garden’ as this is where he goes to play during the day. At lunchtime he sometimes plays ball with a few children, supervised by Ali. He is meeting more and more children every day and loves the attention. You will also sometimes see him on the gate, greeting you as you come to school. He is also doing very well at puppy classes. 
The Dog's Trust will come on the 17th October to deliver the assembly to the children about dog safety. 
September 3rd 2019
Alfie (12 weeks old) came to school today and was very good, sleeping well in his crate in the office and enjoying exploring the school and meeting staff. 
He starts his puppy training on Saturday but can already 'sit', go 'down' and sometimes he can 'wait'. 
We are arranging Dogs Trust workshops for all children very soon in school to teach them about dogs. 
Regular updates will be posted to let you all know how he is.