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Welcome to the school's Pupil Chaplain Team web page.  We are here to help everyone get closer to Jesus and to support and strengthen the faith life of St Nicholas School.  We will have weekly updates on this page telling you what we are doing to help our amazing school. 
 Pupil's News
November Birthdays:
Linus, Grace, Marc, Brooklyn, Millie, Elsie, Joseph, Thea, Jeeva, Niall, Isla, Antoni, Cormac, Jassim, Asher, Chloe, Oliver, Benett and Andrea
Prayer Intention for November 
We remember people who have died and pray for those who are sad and grieving.
Faith Life Information
Poppy Appeal: We will remember them 
Mustard Seeds children gather to organise the Poppy Appeal at St Nicholas School. Poppies and poppy merchandise will be on sale in the atrium every morning next week between 8:30-8:45.
Friday 18th October 2019 - " The Pupil Chaplains have been leading a session of the rosary with Father Jonathan and Mrs Quinn on Friday lunchtime. Two other pupils joined the prayers because the ACN (Aid to the Church  in Need)  launched an initiative for 1 million children around the world to pray the rosary on the 18th October for peace across the world ." 
Working Lunch:  Pupil Chaplains during their weekly working lunch with Mrs Quinn meet to gather ideas and  support the faith life of our school.
Exeter Food Bank: Pupil Chaplains Luke and Katie help to load the donated Harvest items into the Exeter Food Bank van.
Catholic Children's Society Christmas Card Competition - ' Pupil Chaplains run Catholic Children's Society Christmas Card Competition 
The Pupil Chaplains have run two amazing Mustard Seeds sessions where they were drawing designs for the Christmas Card Competition by the CCS. It was a huge success and the winning designs across the Diocese will get printed and sold at the all of the churches to raise money for the charity.'