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Welcome to the school's Pupil Chaplain Team web page.  We are here to help everyone get closer to Jesus and to support and strengthen the faith life of St Nicholas School.  We will have weekly updates on this page telling you what we are doing to help our amazing school. 
 Pupil's News
February Birthdays:
Daisy-May; Eva; Patrick; Jakub; Korin; Joshua; Conor; Alyanna, Wiktoria; Olivia; Joanna; Kelsey; Isaiah; Milo; Brandon; Grace.
Prayer Intention 
At the beginning of this new year, we pray for world peace.
Faith Life Information
Yr 6 girls Inspired 
Inspired by Pope Francis' letter Laudato Si and their Fun Faith classes, Year 6 girls spent lunchtimes writing a poem about the environmental crisis the world is facing. They presented it to Mrs Quinn and will display their poem in the atrium.
Rougemont Fun Faith
Children in Rougemont began Lent by creating Ash crosses to help understand our Ash Wednesday Liturgy the next day.
Lenten Class Prayer Bags 2020
Families will be invited to pray together in Lent when their children bring home their class prayer bag.  Each bag has a purple candle, a Lenten prayer and a heart shaped prayer label.  Families are invited to write their Lenten prayer on the prayer label and hang it on our Lenten prayer trees in the atrium.
Pupil Chaplains hard at work Feb 2020
Pupil Chaplains have been hard at work preparing the class Lenten Prayer bags for different children in classes to take home each night.
Fairtrade Fortnight Tuck Shop in the planning!
On Friday 7th February, some Year 5/6 children kindly volunteered their lunchtime to help make posters for the upcoming Fairtrade Tuck Shop which will be held during the first two weeks after half term. Many delicious snacks will be available at break time in aid of Fairtrade.  The tuck shop will be open for Key Stage 2 classes the first week back and for Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children the second week back.  
Fun Faith in Plympton and Compton

During Fun Faith classes, children in Plympton and Compton have been exploring Pope Francis' letter 'Laudato Si: Care for our Common Home' and learning about how they can make small changes in their everyday life to take care of the earth. Children designed their 'Snakes and Ladders' game to reflect actions which both positively and negatively impact the environment and show respect for creation as God's gift to each of us.

Pupil Chaplains visited the St Nicholas Priory ‘Feast of Giving’ St Nicholas Fayre in Exeter on the 6th December. 

They provided St Nicholas Day activities, sold 'Mustard Seeds' club home-made environmentally friendly Christmas wrapping paper and represented CAFOD by promoting their CAFOD World Gifts.  We made £40 in aid of CAFOD and will be buying a CAFOD World Gift with this money.

Mustard Seeds have been making home-made environmentally friendly wrapping paper to sell in aid of CAFOD.
Pupil Chaplains meet every week to develop and support the faith life of the school. Here they are singing a rock and roll 'Grace' prayer before eating their lunch.
Friday 15th November 2019
Mustard Seeds have really enjoyed making holy crowns for the upcoming Christ the King Liturgy. Children also wore them at our Sacred Heart School led Mass on the 24th November. They had a lot of fun with the new art materials recently bought by Mrs Quinn!'
"In Mustard Seeds and other faith projects around the school, the Pupil Chaplains have been asking people what they think about the activities the school is doing. We have heard a wide range of interesting opinions here and will use them to improve our current activities. '
'I think it is good as it helps the poor and needy.' (Kaja) (Clara)
'I like it when we do things for CAFOD as some people don't have the things that we have around the world.  This is  why we make Christmas Wrapping Paper to sell and raise money for them .'(Luciana)
' I really enjoy running the Fairtrade Tuck Shop in February because it helps the farmers in poorer countries. It is also very fun to do.' (Ava) (Megan)
We also asked another Pupil Chaplain about what they thought about running Mustard Seeds occasionally:
'I like helping the younger children in our activities as they have a lot of fun doing the crafts.' (Deborah)
Poppy Appeal: We will remember them 
Mustard Seeds children gather to organise the Poppy Appeal at St Nicholas School. Poppies and poppy merchandise will be on sale in the atrium every morning next week between 8:30-8:45.
Friday 18th October 2019 - " The Pupil Chaplains have been leading a session of the rosary with Father Jonathan and Mrs Quinn on Friday lunchtime. Two other pupils joined the prayers because the ACN (Aid to the Church  in Need)  launched an initiative for 1 million children around the world to pray the rosary on the 18th October for peace across the world ." 
Working Lunch:  Pupil Chaplains during their weekly working lunch with Mrs Quinn meet to gather ideas and  support the faith life of our school.
Exeter Food Bank: Pupil Chaplains Luke and Katie help to load the donated Harvest items into the Exeter Food Bank van.
Catholic Children's Society Christmas Card Competition - ' Pupil Chaplains run Catholic Children's Society Christmas Card Competition 
The Pupil Chaplains have run two amazing Mustard Seeds sessions where they were drawing designs for the Christmas Card Competition by the CCS. It was a huge success and the winning designs across the Diocese will get printed and sold at the all of the churches to raise money for the charity.'