Chromebook Leasing

We are pleased to advise that our Chromebook lease to buy scheme will be up and running next term in partnership with CHG-Meridian Education UK and Stone Group. From 1st June until the 30th June a portal will be opened for parents of children in current Yrs 2 - 5  to register, set up and manage direct debits (to start from September) to purchase a Lenovo NB 100E 64GB Chromebook for your child to use at school and home. Once payments are complete the chromebook will belong to you and your child.

All chromebooks will come with a neoprene case and may be personalised by the children. They will also have a high level of insurance including breakdown, accidental damage and theft and come with the appropriate Google licence and support. 

The chromebooks will be set up over the summer and delivered to school (and your child/ren) in the first week of the Autumn term. 

Costs from September 

Year 3 & 4 in September  £11.36 x 36 payments over 3 years OR Single payment £317.13 x 1

Year 5 in September £15.38 x 24 payments over 2 years OR Single payment £300.31 x 1

Year 6 in September £24.46 x 12 payments over 1 year OR Single payment £276.22 x 1

For information please contact our Senior Administrator, Mrs Brocksom (