EYFS Weekly Learning Summer 2017

Week commencing 19/6/17
in Literacy this week we will be continuing to share and learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be using puppets to help us to retell the story and we will using our own ideas to change parts of the story.
In Maths we will be focusing on subtraction and using resources sch as animals and fields to help us work out the answer. In addition, we will be using giant number lines to help us to count backwards.
To support our fine motor skills (which we need when we are writing) we will be threading using characters from the story, we will be dressing the dolls with the dolls clothes and making patterns with the coloured pegs and boards.
Week commencing 24/4/17
In Literacy we will still be thinking about the giant egg and finding out what hatching out of eggs and creating our own fact books. We will be looking at information online and in non fiction books to help us.
In Maths we will be thinking about subtraction.We will be using a number bus to solve problems based around subtraction. For example; if their are 15 people on the bus and 6 get off how many are left? Or, If there are 12 people on the bus and 4 get off at Crealy and then 3 more get off at the airport, how many are left?
We will be having the garden open to explore and will be collecting the correct amount of objects to fill the numbered paper bags.