Alfie's blessing

2nd October 2020
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Alfie, our school dog, was blessed by Father Jonathan today, in celebration of the feast of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. The video of this lovely event will be posted on the school website and shown to all of the children today in their classrooms. Thanks to the PTA who bought Alfie a cosy winter coat with the school logo on the back. The prayer of blessing is below. 

Prayer of Blessing

Lord God, in your infinite wisdom, when you created the universe you blessed us with all living creatures; 

the birds in the air; the fish that swim in the sea, all the wild animals, and those we share our life with. 

We especially thank you for giving us our pets who are our friends and who bring us much joy in life. Their presence very often helps us get through trying times. 

Kindly bless Alfie. May he continue to give us joy and remind us of your power.

May we realise that as Alfie trusts in us to take care of him, so we should trust you to take care of us.

When we look look after the things that you have created we share in the love you have for the world and your creatures. 

Enlighten our minds to preserve all endangered species so that we may continue to appreciate all of your creation. 

Grant us this through Christ our Lord,