Children's Takeover Day 2018

21st November 2018
We are delighted with the number of applications we have had from KS2 children to 'takeover' a job on Friday. The applications have been fantastic and the children have obviously all thought very hard about their skills and which jobs they would most like to do. 
We had applications as follows:
Catering Asst - 9
Headteacher - 15
Office - 12
Yr 5/6 teacher - 4
Yr 3/4 teacher - 14
Yr 2 teacher - 7
Yr 1 teacher - 11
Reception teacher - 27
Nursery teacher - 14
Teaching Assistant - 30
Mealtime Assistant - 4
Caretaker - 9
Today the children have had a letter either inviting them to an interview or advising them that they have not been successful this time. Children in Yrs 3 - 5 will get another chance to apply next year. 
They will find out tomorrow if they have been successful and will start their jobs on Friday at 8.15am
We are looking forward to Friday and hope all children have a fantastic day.