First Holy Communion

3rd October 2016

First Holy Communion 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming those children who would like to receive holy communion for the first time in 2017. If your child is in school year 3 and you would like them to prepare, you must attend a Registration meeting on Thursday 17 November at 7.00pm at St Nicholas School EX1 3EG. There is no need for the children to attend this meeting. The preparation will begin in January with one monthly meeting on a Saturday morning at St Nicholas School for all parents and children and a further session, just for the children, once a month on a weekday evening at 6.00pm. We will give you a note of all the dates at the registration meeting. As well as being committed to these meetings we ask you to make a commitment (which is the obligation of all Catholics) to attend Mass each Sunday in the parish where you live. When you come on 17 November please bring a copy of your child’s certificate of baptism (if you haven’t got one contact the parish where they were baptised and they will send you a copy), your contact details and £8.00 (which funds the book we will be using). We look forward to seeing you on 17 November.