Kilve update

16th June 2021
Yesterday evening after a lovely tea of spaghetti meatballs or curry and a chocolate eclair we had a lovely evening playing 'jumblies' which involved orienteering ourselves around the Kilve site and answering clues for different points. By bedtime we were all ready for a good sleep!
This morning many of us actually had to be woken up because we had slept so well. A breakfast of cereal and beans on toast was the perfect send off for a packed day. Today we have : 
  • abseiled down a tower, 
  • climbed a massive climbing wall, 
  • stacked crates and had them knocked down to leave us dangling, 
  • tackled a mountain bike course
  • and all had the chance for a luxurious mud spa treatment in the local stream followed by a bracing shower(a hose!)
Tonight after tea we will be going into the Maze. Let's hope we don't get too lost!