School Funding

27th February 2017
As you may be aware, the government recently announced major changes to school funding. For many years, Devon Local Authority has been among the lowest funded authorities nationally and these proposals are going to significantly affect all schools in Devon. Please find attached information from the National Association of Headteachers attached which includes a link to the Schoolcuts website where you can see the proposed cuts in funding for each school. This is also embedded in our school website. Our school currently stands to have a reduction of 9% ​ (£97,000)​ which will have a significant impact on staff, resources and teaching in school ​ e.g. we may not be able to offer the present level of support for children with additional needs, we may need to consider class sizes, the number of teachers or teaching assistants in school​.
Governors and the Senior Leadership Team are extremely concerned at the impact of the proposal and are asking for your help to lobby MPs and Councillors for change.
I an urging all of you to help in the following ways:
  • write to your MP by going to This sends a template letter to your MP regarding these cuts. It is an easy process but one that may have significant outcomes for us and other schools.
  • write to Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education - The template letter attached could be adapted for this purpose.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media to raise awareness of this issue and bring appropriate pressure to bear on the Secretary of State for Education, your MP etc.
Your contribution to the campaign CAN make a real difference!
Thank you.
Lisa Thomas, Chair of Governors and Angela Folland, Headteacher