Yr 1/2 Trip to Heavitree

17th October 2017
Yr 1/2 had an exciting morning exploring the Heavitree area of Exeter. They walked there and back and then had a tour of Blessed Sacrament church, visited a number of shops including the Post Office, hairdressers and cafe and then finished with a visit to the park. 
Noah said "We learned alot about the church. I liked the park most"
Ioan said "We went to the shop and found some lego"
Zofia said "We did lots and lots of walking"
Victoria said "We went into a bakery and saw lots of biscuits"
Tilly "loved exploring"
Amara "liked it when we went to the park and went on the swings"
Chloe "liked it when we could ask questions about the church"
Elsie "liked the toys in the shops"
Asher "liked going in the Post Office. We saw silver balloons"
Marc thought "the church was fun"
Darcy thought "the church was very quiet and had a big dome"
Jack's "baby cousin was baptised at that church"
Bethany said "my favourite part was walking there and back"
Freya enjoyed "going to the park on the climbing frame"