Yr 1/2 Visit to Bygones, Torquay

4th February 2019
The Yr 1/2 children had a fantastic time at Bygones this week, trying on costumes and finding out all about life in Britain during the Victorian era as part of their 'Time Traveller's learning journey.
Clara said the trip was 'fun'.
Ava said that 'poor people had to sell things to stay alive' like sweets and toys.
Most children enjoyed finding out about the outside toilets and enjoyed the [model] man who shouted at them to 'Shut the door.. give me some peace and quiet' when they opened the toilet door.
Abishek liked the smell in the plant nursery.
Olivia loved the 'rainbow lights'.
Charleigh enjoyed looking at Victorian wedding cakes.
Jemima liked the Queen Victoria plate which had a picture of a garden with Queen Victoria's face in the middle. 
Most children found Queen Victoria [model] scary as she looked like she was actually breathing.