Please contact Mrs Brocksom ( for information about joining our school.

Alfie the School Dog

Alfie is a 4 year old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Poodle Cross) who belongs to Mrs Brocksom, our Senior Administrator. He is in school for 3.5 days per week and his base is the office. 
He is always interested in what is going on around him and will greet visitors to the school, sometimes with a bark but always with a waggy tail!
He has children who visit him at different times of the day. Sometimes a child may need time with him in the morning to help them feel calm and ready for the school day. Sometimes a child may need to have time out from class and will come and see Alfie and maybe even play with him outsidel He is always available and happy to help, especially if he can earn a treat! 
He is a very special dog with a lovely temperament. However we recognise that not all children want interaction with him. You will be asked to give permission / agreement when your child joins our school. 
Alfie's Busy Morning

Mrs Brocksom wrote a story for World Book Day about Alfie the school dog called ‘Alfie’s Busy Morning’. It is about the adventures he got up to in school on his own one morning and includes photos of him with staff around the school.