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Football News

Exciting Football News! 

We have come top of our group in the EPFL and have therefore secured a place alongside Stoke Hill to guarantee us a top 2 finish and qualification for this competition. We have one more fixture which will take place on Monday 29th April and then we will come up against the top 8 teams for the Champions’ Shield which is set to take place on Monday 17th June. 

The last match we played against Clyst St Mary and Stoke Hill saw us draw in the first and win 2:1 in the second respectively. In the first game, Mason scored the first goal and Sam later on set Seb up for the second. In the second game against Stoke Hill, our football team conceded the first goal but Seb scored two subsequent goals in quick succession to win the game 2-1. 

Congratulations to all the different players that have represented our team so far in the league and brought us to this incredible position and a huge thanks to Miss Jodie who has given up her time and encouraged us to have fun and be our best. The team have represented our school with an exemplary sense of sportsmanship, focus, adaptability and team spirit and should be so proud of themselves as we are of them.