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Alfie update

Alfie is now 8 months old. He has had his first proper groom and emerged considerable smaller and thinner than he was before! His adult fur is very soft and curly. He has the loveliest temperament and is very gentle with the children. He loves to greet visitors. He even has his photo on the new staff board. 

He has really made himself at home in the office and loves to play with boxes, paper packaging and his toys. He walks to and from work and has a lunchtime walk too. He has some treats during the day – sometimes we hide them around the office and he has to find them! 

He has a daily timetable and happily goes off with supervised children to play in the garden at the front of school or to go for a walk or play. Children also sometimes come and visit him in the office as a treat or reward. He will also gradually start to do some classroom visits as long as the children remain calm. 

He has really had a positive impact since he has been with us and it is still early days.Children who are upset have felt better for having 5 minutes with him and the children he ‘works with’ are also happy and focused when having ‘Alfie time’. 

All children receive an ‘Alfie sticker’ after their time with him.