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Yr 6 events

Romeo and Juliet
After months of preparation, drama clubs and rehearsals, Year 6 gave their all in their incredible production of Romeo and Juliet. It was a modern version with lots of songs they loved yet with a good deal of Shakespearian language to master and deliver. They performed two dress rehearsals to the school as well as two performances for their families. They have worked so hard and shown a commendable amount of commitment and enthusiasm - it was a real
honour to work with such a talented bunch of children and to see each of them shine both individually and collectively. We are all so proud of them!
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Water Fight and Pizza
Year 6 Rounded off their time at St Nicholas with a very welcome water fight and pizza party on Wednesday after school. Many thanks to The PTA and Miss Reynolds for organising this. 
Young Enterprise
Well done to all of the Year 6 children for organising a fantastic Young Enterprise afternoon and to Mr Marlow for pulling it altogether! They raised over £300 for school funds and had a brilliant (though rather messy) time doing it! Thank you to the rest of the school for supporting this event! 
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Leavers' Masses
The Year 6 participated in two Leavers' Masses: The Trust Mass at The Blessed Sacrament and our own St Nicholas Mass at school which parents were invited to attend. Here we celebrated the time that the Year 6s have spent at our school and particularly recognised the hard work of the Pupil Chaplains. We also  enjoyed a very special celebratory cake. 
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