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Year 5 First Aid Training

Report by Jayden

On Thursday Mr Upston came to St Nicholas Primary School to teach us first aid so we can save lives now or when we are older.  

First, we learned how to check for danger.Then,we learned that we should check the person and see if their eyes were blinking or their fingers are moving. Also,we learned how to call for help then we call 999 for help to deal with it.

Amazingly,if someone has fell to the ground you could do CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation)which can get their heart working again until the ambulance gets there.  


Also we watched some videos so we can learn more and help people when they need CPR or if they need mouth to mouth.

Mouth to mouth means where you breathe in people’s mouth when they are unconscious so you can give them air so they can stay alive for a bit longer until the ambulance can get there.


Finally,dealing with heavy bleeding and choking is very important and we all practised it but we did not do it for real because it is very dangerous because we’re not choking or bleeding.  

Mr Upston was a very good at teaching us about first aid and we had a lot of fun doing it, it  was amazing.